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Hand-crafted Love

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Every woman has tried to imagine what kind of wedding she would have in the future, in a way or another.
It is such a beautiful event where it is love that is celebrated.
Oh what beauty love can do to two people!
In a wedding ceremony, two lovebirds come before the very presence of the Lord, who is the Great Author of love. There, God Himself beautifully makes these two people into one.☺
Last Friday, I was given the opportunity to attend the wedding of two lovebirds at my church. I witnessed another couple become one and delight in the beauty of God’s precious gift to all of us. Love! ☺
The wedding inspired me to contemplate on wedding ceremonies.

Here are random thoughts that made me appreciate the sacredness of weddings:

Weddings are supposed to be one of the most sacred occasions that could happen in one’s life. It is where everyone who is close to you comes to witness and to celebrate the love between you and the love of your life. It is a great opportunity to show everyone not just the kilig moments in your love team, but most importantly, how God personally hand-crafted your love story!

We Filipinos have meaningful traditions in wedding ceremonies. There’s the pagpapakawala ng kalapati, the slicing of the cake, the money dance, etc. I am not aware if these are practiced in other countries, but nonetheless, these give the wedding an array of sweet and sincere promises from the lovebirds to one another. However, these traditions may lose their beauty and meaning if practiced without considering the meaning of every gesture.

 Weddings are considered to be the fairy tale ending of every love story. I disagree. Weddings are a great symbolic mark of the beginning of a very different (and awesome) life with your partner! From here on, you face life not just with hands held together, but with hearts merged as one.

 Weddings have a very spiritual significance for me. I think it is the sacred union of two people that would open great opportunities for them to serve God in more ways than ever! ☺

 Since wedding ceremonies are sacred in its very nature, I also thought of the role modesty plays in a wedding. We ladies look at events as a place where it is okay to where something sexier than what we usually wear. Thinking of the conservative nature of Filipinos, I wonder where this come from.. ☹ When we go to church on Sundays, we wear our best and modest dresses because we think that’s most appropriate when we come face to face with the Lord.. How is a wedding any different from Church Sundays? I even think it’s the best time to wear the dress you think would most please God! ☺
Moreover, you don’t want to ruin a wedding by being used by the Enemy to tempt the guys who have struggles with lust.

Well, with this in mind, I wanted to go against the flow. I went to the wedding in a dress I want to be in if I’m seeing God face to face ♡

I wore this Kate Middleton inspired dress at the wedding. Just the right length, just the right fabric.
(Though I know that I could not be as elegant as Kate.. But in the eyes of God, I am more than elegant!)
For now, all I could do is imagine what kind of  wedding I would have. But I am excited for it, you know why? I have my God, the very author of love, hand-crafting the love me and my future husband will share, and preparing me and my groom-to-be for the wedding of the century!!

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