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The Noblest of Them All!

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MomJust got home from an amazing midnight snack date with my mom. ☺

If I did not become a Christian, if not for God’s grace, I would not be this close to my mom. I never cared about my relationship with my parents before.. It was God who taught me how to love them. What’s more amazing is that it does not end in loving them.
Because of this love, I get to know how awesome my mom actually is. ☺
We had a lot of girl talk. She told me of her love story. After hearing it, I can definitely proclaim the my mom is the noblest wife in the world!

Here are things I realized after our meaningful talk:

1.  Respect is among the best gifts you can give to your man.
          In a relationship, many instances come that challenge how a woman respects her man.
          Respect is greatly challenged when the beast in him bursts out. Relationships tend to expose flaws of each other, especially when it’s reached the intimate level of marriage. After seeing the worst part of him, would you still give him respect? Would still make him feel that he’s still the great man you’re praying for? Would you still take pride in him as your guy in front of people?
          Moreover, you have a choice of what to put first – your selfish & prideful desires or respecting your husband.

  • You could expose your skin for other men to enjoy or you could be modest and reserve your body for that one man you’ve always prayed for. 
  • You could enjoy dangerous friendships with other guys or avoid any contact with guys that poses a threat to your relationship.
  • You could expose the weaknesses of your man to every person you talk to or you could keep it private and actively help him overcome this weakness.
  • You could get angry at him for not doing what you want or you could talk to him and have a mutual decision of what’s best for everyone.

          A woman’s respect for her guy is great gift you can give. However, respect alone is incomplete. It is respect rooted in love that gives the woman and her guy mutual joy! 

2. Love transforms lives. 

3. If you want a decent guy, be a decent lady yourself.

4. Selflessness does not mean losing self-respect.

5. God gives you things bigger than what you prayed for!

These are definitely great things to take to heart! ☺
❁ Proverbs 31:10
A wife of noble character who can find?
    She is worth far more than rubies.

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