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You think you’re not Prideful until..

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Christians, knowing the right thing to do, try their best to follow them.
When they see themselves becoming disciplined and oh-so-righteous, they take pride in themselves and take all the credit. Pride sets in. Pride that is like a venom, slowly destroying every part of you spiritual life.
Pride makes you think so highly of yourself. Yes, you do see God, but you see yourself better.
Pride tries to deny the negative things about you – things that God’s supposed to transform.
Pride urges you to judge people, until you forget that you’re supposed to love them.
Pride teaches you to condemn people who aren’t “as righteous” as you.
Pride makes you choosy who to talk to, and who to listen to.
Pride lets you think more of your image & reputation.
Pride calls upon the hypocrite in you.
Pride limits your ministry.
Pride devours you.
Now, how do one check if you are becoming too self-righteous and spiritually prideful?
I like how Mathew Woodley put it in his book Holy Fools.
Do you have these thoughts?
“If people only knew how dedicated and selfless I am – how much I pray, serve, love, give, sacrifice – if they were only aware of how much I know about Scripture and spiritual disciplines, if they only knew how much my ministry is growing, they would certainly be impressed. At the very least, they would pay attention, pat me on the back, encourage me, and reward me.”
If you do, beware. Pride is lurking behind your back. 

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