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Christmas is Near … Parties! :)

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A few days left before Christmas are mostly spent with Christmas parties!
But what are Christmas Parties for?
For gift-giving and games? For enjoying the Christmas vacation? For … booze? (for some, yea, they see Christmas parties as the perfect time to drink, drink, drink until they drop, enjoying their Christmas bonus and vacation.. tsk)
Nah.. These are too shallow to be the reason for Christmas Parties..
Christmas Parties are for celebration of God’s love He showed through Jesus Christ. John 3:16! 🙂
Parties are venues for fellowship and sharing the love of Jesus to everyone!
Yesterday, we had a lot of lovin’ at Ptr. Sam’s and Ate Faith’s CGs Christmas Party 🙂
Got a sweet hug from my niece, Nix, before leaving 🙂

Went to Yakimix @ SM Masinag 🙂 The eat-all-you-can was filling tho it was a little disappointing. The food to taste were less than what I expected.. My brother said Yakimix @ MOA served more stuff
My first plate. I loved the salmon at the little bowl :”> Fishy lover me.. Haha!

My table-mate, Diana. She’s so pretty, right? She looks like the little girl in Little Manhattan 🙂
Here’s Charlie Ray from Little Manhattan :>

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Allan & Diana.. Yiee!

Blue Lemonade
Taking a pic with the cutie twins with mars Gracie.. 🙂 Our inaanaks are cutie patooties! :”>

Some of us got too many stuff to eat. As I was eating my ice cream for dessert, they were still grilling many meat :))

This.. Yummy chocolate-chip cupcake :”>
This was our team’s scoreboard before it was revealed that I had an amazing talent in bowling… NOT! HAHA.
It was a day of pure fun and lovin’! Praise God! ^_^

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