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Fruit Teas and movies

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You think God would end my Saturday just like that? Nah.. He wanted it to end with a blast. That’s why He gave me a great opportunity to have a great talk with Tiara, one of my pretty disciples 

We spent the night at Eastwood city, with Fruit Teas and movies.

We talked for at least an hour at Caprice, enjoying our Lychee FT & Mango FT.
The things we talked about were as fruity too 

So we mainly talked about relationships. It is really quite challenging to discover what it is to truly love in a world where there are too many voices that try to alter what love is. My take on that? In order to find true love, seek first its very author, God.

I enjoyed our girly talk that night.  We watched Rise of the Guardians with Jopel and Jacob afterwards.

It was a great day ender! When you really love someone, you should be willing to spend time and effort to bond with them!
I love you Tiara! I’m always here for you.. Willing to listen to whatever u wanna say and prayin’ for ya :*

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