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Fruit Teas and movies

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You think God would end my Saturday just like that? Nah.. He wanted it to end with a blast. That’s why He gave me a great opportunity to have a great talk with Tiara, one of my pretty disciples β™‘

We spent the night at Eastwood city, with Fruit Teas and movies.

We talked for at least an hour at Caprice, enjoying our Lychee FT & Mango FT.
The things we talked about were as fruity too β˜ƒ

So we mainly talked about relationships. It is really quite challenging to discover what it is to truly love in a world where there are too many voices that try to alter what love is. My take on that? In order to find true love, seek first its very author, God.

I enjoyed our girly talk that night. β˜Ί We watched Rise of the Guardians with Jopel and Jacob afterwards.

It was a great day ender! When you really love someone, you should be willing to spend time and effort to bond with them!
I love you Tiara! I’m always here for you.. Willing to listen to whatever u wanna say and prayin’ for ya :*

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