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As We Walked Together

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There were five people I know who had an extraordinary tropa bonding recently.

December 20th
5 o’ clock
These five were not the most creative people in the world, but they were in charge of the decorations of an event. They met at the venue and miraculously turned the room into a wonder. The only weapons they had were crepe papers in two colors, scissors, and tape..
In less than an hour, the room was party-ready. ☺

6 o’ clock
Some of these five were involved in the worship service. Some played their instruments while some grabbed their tech stuff. They rehearsed for 30 minutes.. With hearts excited to truly worship (not just for a show). ☺

7 o’ clock
Simbang gabi. All were seated and listened to the Christmas sermon, curious of what God had to say that night.

8 o’ clock
PARTY TIME! Yes, it was fun and games and food, but what stroked these five the most was the challenge of commitment and excellence in everything they do. Indeed, if you are devoted to what you are doing, if you are committed to live to your purpose, nothing can ever stop you. Not the absence of an organized system, not the fear of initiating something, not the lack of resources. When God says “do it”, you do it. ☺ Because when it is God telling you that, you’re assured that He’s got your back!

10 o’ clock
These five separated ways for a while, so they can equip themselves with the long night ahead. They went home, geared up, got enough money, clothes and other stuff, because they knew they needed it for the many tasks awaiting them..

11 o’ clock
They went to a birthday party and ate stuff. Some also helped buying food.. While some took the time to relax and to jam and to sing their hearts out ☺ Having fun with other friends they have. They had lots of fun laughing with them and just being merry – minus the alcohol, smoking, drugs and other self-destroying “party props”. 😛

December 21st
1 o’ clock
The five felt a little tired. That motivated them to go home earlier than expected. Home? These five went home to the same house. They lounged in the sofa, trying to pamper those stressed muscles..

2 o’ clock
With nothing to do, these five went to the room trying to watch a movie. They had a hard time looking for a good movie to watch. They did not want to watch any horror movies.. They want no more of that. They had enough dose of the Enemy in real life. They did not want another entry point for the enemy to linger in their minds!! They want to be filled with thoughts of God ☺

They did not want to watch a movie that is funny yet shallow. American comedy today involves a lot of green jokes. :/

Inspirational, something that would urge you to think about life, that’s what they were trying to look for.
But when the speakers got busted, they lost hope. No movies for tonight. No regrets, though. It became a great time to talk about life, to talk about ministry in the light of the challenge earlier, to talk about God. ☺
It was a sincere time for them.

3 o’ clock
Knowing the great task ahead, they knew they needed sweet sleep. Each one of them found a spot to sleep. All were ready to fall into a deep slumber.. Until.. A voice in the dark sang…

“Perhaps love is like an ocean, full of conflicts, full of change..”

The unprofessional singing made everyone fully awake. It was annoying yet really funny. :))

4 o’ clock
Finally, the voice decided to stop. Maybe he realized that he, too, needed rest. So he finally let everyone sleep.
Good rest, folks.

9 o’ clock
They were waiting for a message that would be the signal for them to go shopping.
Sleep more, while waiting.

10 o’ clock
Still waiting.. And sleeping.. And waiting.. Hayy..

11 o’ clock
Okay, they decided that if they were to wait any longer, they would not be able to accomplish anything. They got up and groomed themselves.

12 o’ clock
They had lunch. They also had a great conversation over food. Food is indeed a sweet initiator of awesome fellowship.
These five people, committing to love God with all they are, decided that they would not let anything delay them any further. They were just too excited to serve God through this. Nothing cannot stop them – not even a list of tasks that did not come. They can do the list themselves. They had ownership of what they were going to do.

1 o’ clock
These five were all sweaty and uncomfortable because they did not have the chance to take a bath. But did they let this stop them from doing what they had to do? Of course not!
There they were, some wearing the clothes they wore the day before (for the whole day, mind you), roaming around Taytay to do what they had to. They did not have a chance to take a bath. Inconvenient, especially that we live in the Philippines where the sun is a little closer.. But it was the actual application of the challenge in the party the night before. How committed were they? ☺

First stop: Puregold
They bought the ingredients for the spaghetti they were to cook for the kids in the orphanage the next day. Their budgeting prowess were used a lot. There they were, in the heat of the sun, sweaty and uncomfortable, carrying groceries and making a lot of financial decisions. One of them even had dysmenorrhea. Ladies, you do know how uncomfortable dysmenorrhea alone is. So imagine how bad it felt for her. Walking under the sun.. Walking and walking and walking in Puregold. Thinking of what to buy. Stinking. :)) asdfghjkl; =))

Second stop: Rachel’s Party Needs
Kids deserve a treat this Christmas! Jesus expressed how much He loves kids. The kids from the orphanage sure had their share of problems at such an early age. That’s why these five thought of a way to make the party a little more festive: balloons and party hats! They also prepared loot bags that would surely make the kids excited. ☺

Third stop: Taytay Public Market
They bought other ingredients here for a cheaper deal. Eggs, mayo, spices and of course, candies, were the stuff in their shopping bags. It was really challenging because there were many people, the sun is raging hot, and they did not take a bath yet. It was inconvenience at its best. But they liked it ☺

Fourth Stop: SM Taytay
They shopped for electric fans for the infants. They praised God for the great deal of Buy1Take1 in SM Hypermarket. They got two stand fans for only P1,199.00! The others got toiletries and medical supplies for the kids while the one with the dysmenorrhea could not take it any longer and sat at a bench. It was okay because she was the one to wait for the packaged stand fans.

They finished all the shopping at 5 o’ clock.
Now that’s 24 hours filled with amazing fellowship. This friendship is bonded by the love of God. What can go against that? ☺

Friendship is amazing.
But a friendship refined by a mutual desire to serve God is extraordinary!
The 24 hours made this group realize that they can do so much if they step out of their comfort zones.
These five people became one when they committed to help in accomplishing tasks meant to extend the love of Jesus to kids who experienced too much heartaches for their age.
There’s no stopping now for this five!
The 24 hours was a great memory that would remind them of their purpose as individuals and as a tropa!
Their purpose is to serve God and spread His love. ☺
“What good fellowship we once enjoyed
as we walked together to the house of God.”
Psalm 55:14 (NLT)

You? What are the things you and your friends love doing together? How do you enjoy the holidays with them? ☺

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