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Big Things

In Testimony
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Went to Gencon’s (our youth group) Frontliners meeting.
I was very much encouraged by what God tells each and every one of His servants.
He has big things in store for us.
By big things, it does not mean big material blessings (but could be, if God’s calling you to use it for His glory).
By big things, it does not mean mere big fun and pleasure.
By big things, it does not mean “big enough things because what I wanted to do was too ambitious.
By big things, it means big opportunities to minister and to maximize our potentials for the glory of the Lord!
If you are a hardcore follower of Jesus, don’t settle for less!
We love dreaming big things for our careers, family, etc.
Why not dream and pray for big things to happen in your spiritual journey, in your spiritual life?
Why not ask God to reveal to you what He calls you to do?
Why not allow God to search the corners of your heart and tell you what you should do with every part of it?
That’s God’s challenge for me as my 19th birthday approaches.
God wants me to open up my heart so I could see what’s in it, to lay down my insides so I would see where I’m good at, and to roll it all together at the feet of my King and just let Him use all these for His glory.
My desire is to be used by the King
powerfully and mightily.

What are God’s challenge to you in 2013? 🙂 This is more than a New Year’s Resolution! This is a commitment.

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