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Jesus loves the little children, do you too?

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So things today did not go as planned, but somehow I thank God for that!
I had a great time with my nieces, as I became a baby-sitter for a day.
Not that I did everything all by myself, I was baby-sitter along with my mom..
But there were times I was actually alone with them 🙂 (it was hard.. haha)

Whenever we are with kids, our tendency is to just enjoy their presence and play with them.
We laugh at their crazy antics! We laugh at their actions or sayings that they made to mimic the adults around them. 🙂
I remember the first time I heard my niece say, “Sapakin kaya kita dyan!”
It was sooo funny because you don’t expect a three-year-old girl to say that, especially to someone older. I laughed so hard when I heard that! I can’t help it!
I was sooo amused that I almost forgot to be Jesus’s voice to this child who just threw an inappropriate  phrase. Maybe, mere laughing at her remark would affirm her thoughts that what she said was right.
However, what we usually forget when baby-sitting is that we should be a blessing to these children.
Little remarks we say, how we affirm their bad actions, how we neglect their good deeds, may have bigger impact on them than we think! When they start fighting with each other for a doll, how do you tell them that sharing is what pleases God and what makes their relationship the best thing they would imagine! 🙂
When we joke around about the bad things they do and make them feel as if it’s okay, it has great impact.
When we tease our friends endlessly in front them, they are most likely to do that to their friends until they cry, and think that it’s okay. Children look at us as the living examples of how they should act.. 
When we ignore their inquiries, letting go of the chances to explain to them stuff about Jesus, they could grow insecure and shy..
Why else do you think would 
I remember Nix saying earlier, “Di na kita love ate, kahit binigyan mo ko ng candy kanina..” I told her how Jesus loves His children no matter what they did to Him. And she asked endlessly, “Kahit na hindi siya nagshe-share? Kahit na inaaway niya ko? Dapat love ko pa rin siya?” When I told her yes, she immediately went to her sister’s side and played again. It really touched my heart how receptive to God’s Word these children are! That’s why we should grab the chance to use our interactions with them to tell them about the truth of Jesus’s love 😀
You never know. The child in front of you could be the future generation’s Paul, Deborah, Moses or Mary! 🙂
“Jesus said, ‘Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.’ “
– Matthew 19:14

Dapat wag natin ipagkait sa kanila ang pagkakataon na malaman na may Diyos na lagi silang sinasamahan, binabantayan, minamahal. 🙂

How are you as a kuya, ate, tita, tito, mommy or daddy to the precious little children you interact with everyday? Would they look back at their childhood and remember you as a blessing?

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  1. I always visit, read (everytime the net’s available) and check your blog for new upadates ’cause it’s very very inspiring. God is so so great and so are you :””>
    <3 <3 <3

    • Aww thanks! I’ll do my best to write more stuff about how God moves in my life. I pray that you would also see and shout to the world all the great stuff God does in your life! 🙂 God bless you! <3

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