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Love Month Modesty :P

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Are you more comfortable with leggings, like me? 🙂
My pants are now too short for me, or too faded already. That’s why I started wearing leggings more often. However, I realized that leggings could be a stumbling block, especially when your top is fitted, and a little shorter than it should be.
Here’s one way to make leggings more exciting yet more modest.
An exceedingly loose top could be as immodest as fitted tops when worn without undergarments. So I wore my quite fitted skirt (that I never use alone after God changed my heart) under it, so that I would be comfortable when times come that I have to raise my arms. 🙂 I would not be too nervous that my tummy and behind would be exposed when a wild wind blows my loose top.
Cross Necklace: Gift from Mr. Kwanhyeong Cho | Bag: Elle | Watch: Skechers
Plus, the cross necklace! Thanks Mr. Kwanhyeong Cho for this lovely necklace. I am now deeply appreciating stuff with crosses. 🙂
(Just make sure that it won’t appear to have an inverted cross, so it wouldn’t send the wrong message)
Modesty is very important when you are in a relationship with a guy.
We have to have the heart to help them guard their hearts and thoughts.
Mere friendships with guys could be helped a lot by modesty from us girls.
Mere friendships.
How much more do we girls need to help guys who are emotionally inclined to us.
(Hahahaha funny how a phrase like that makes it seem serious and harmless.)

When feelings are present, when he is showing his motive through his actions (women’s intuition, sistah!), when he already confessed to you his feelings, or when he is courting you, or when you two are already dating,  temptations are stronger than ever!

Lust is the number one weapon of the enemy to ruin relationships and rob you both the joy from a relationship that delights in God.
But there is one reason why a lady could have a hard time being extra modest when she is with her gentleman.
You become extra comfortable when you are with them.
Being comfortable with someone you trust inevitably comes.
However, its advantages end at some point. When you are too comfortable with them, like you are not bothered at all when you wear some of your skimpy outfits, you put an uninvited entry point for the thief in your relationship.
You could be so comfortable with wearing your shorts, mini skirts, tube, with the guy you “trust” to respect you, and forget that you are putting him in a place where the enemy could easily trigger man’s common weakness. Lust.
You may be comfortable, but when your guy who tries to do his best in pursuing purity is nudged by the enemy to lust at you, I don’t think he would be as comfortable as you.
Also, sometimes, we think that showing some skin would appeal to them. Sometimes, girls tend to beautify themselves for guys they like. But that’s not the way it should be. Firstly, we should think of being beautiful for God’s glory, not for our own! Secondly, a real godly gentleman would not want you to show skin. He would be the one telling you to cover up more. He would be the one to appreciate you even more when you choose modesty over vanity! 🙂
Moreover, why let him see what would have been a pleasant surprise on your first night of marriage? Don’t spoil the moment in the future by losing all the excitement today. And besides, what if God has someone else in mind for your marriage? It would have been a nice gift if he knows you saved yourself purposely for him. 🙂
That’s why when you are with your boyfriend, or one who admires you, be all the more picky of what you wear! There’s nothing like a relationship that is offered to our King. When your relationship is laid down at his feet, His hands would embrace you both as He protects the pure joy He intended for relationships. 🙂
It’s not yet too late to changed the way you dress up when you’re with him. What are the pieces you would never want to wear when you’re with him? 🙂

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