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By A11 possible means!

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It’s awesome how the internet keeps us updated about what’s going on in the world.

Technology is nice, but it also so easily reveals to us the insanity the world has gone into.

Oh, the sweet irony of life.

Thus, the meme that embodies what most of us feel upon seeing the strangest of the strangest:

You are peacefully scrolling in Facebook, just to kill time, and you see all sorts of articles that are so crazy that you can’t help but to grieve at the path our world is currently taking.

Who wants that unsolicited feeling of grief? No one likes that. And yet, it is really hard to remain apathetic when you look around you and feel the thumping sound of near-approaching chaos.

The world is slowly breaking apart, and it’s hard to deny.

Every single one of us are in or know someone in a broken home. Cliques hating on the other, claiming that their opinions are more superior than everyone else’s. People’s sense of morality blurs a little more each day – the world has made the concept of “right” and “wrong” so relative that you won’t know which is which.

As ugly as it may seem, my friend, the worst has yet to come.

So what do we do, as Christians? As the very people whom Jesus referred to as the “light of the world”?

We should, above any self interest, be catalysts of change, no matter what it takes.

We should be revolutionists!

Revolutionists who use all possible means to give light to this world, to save others from blindly following the current trend that leads to brokenness. (1 Corinthians 9:22)

By all possible means?

Look at yourself. There are a lot of awesome things about you. Interestingly, these are details that you can use to effect change. Why not surrender to God every part of you, every desire in your heart, every deed your hands can perform, everything, A11 Things, and make every tiny detail about yourself obedient to God’s purpose for your life?

You like basketball? Use it to share His word to other ballers.

You’re weak? No problem – use your weaknesses to encourage others who are weak.

You can do magic tricks? Perform them to let the whole world know how more awesome His miracles are!

For Christ’s sake, just do it! Quit worrying and ranting about how uncomfortable it would be. Just do anything, everything you can, to give hope to this world!

The clock is ticking, and, if you care for the people around you, even a little, you should start asking God how you can be used to bring healing to this broken world!

It is meditating on this that I realized that, yes, even the way you dress, that mundane “unimportant” detail about your life, can be used to do what you are supposed to!

2015.07.19 Summer (22)

Because of this blog, I was led to some people who soon became brothers and sisters in Christ. Through a simple desire to use a seemingly “un-spiritual” interest such as fashion for the glory of God, I was able to meet people and to witness how God lifted them up from the miry mud of this world.

And, being encouraged with all that God has been doing, I am determined to lift every bit of me to bring glory to Him.

2015.07.19 Summer (37)

 2015.07.19 Summer (36)

“By A11 means possible”.

And for me, this – blogging, fashion, promoting modesty – is one of the means God gave me to impact the world in my own unique way.

How about you?

What has God put in you which you can use to start a revolution?

Or are you going to be just one of the dead fish who swim with the current?

You decide.

2015.07.19 Summer (38)


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