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The God-sent Brother

In Relationships, Testimony
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Hi Kuya, I was wondering the whole day I was out of focus. And then I realized that it’s because it’s your birthday and it made me miss you a lot more. So yea, this is a lot more cheesy than how I usually talk to you! HAHA

You know this, we weren’t the best of friends growing up. You always made me cry and I always win when it’s time for mom to judge who did it or who was first. She would tell you to stop teasing me and sometimes, honestly, I felt guilty that you received all the blame! Haha! I never thought I’d come to a point that I would love you like a brother, to the very meaning of that phrase, because you are yearsss older than me and I only saw you as a bully. But all that changed when God went into the picture.

God came in and taught me that I should seek to see the best in people and stop being selfish and just yearn for myself to be glorified. That was the time when I saw all the good things in you, that you were actually the closest person in my life that ever introduced me to a life of being in a good relationship with Jesus when you were in high school. And that was when I stripped off all the immature opinions of you and saw how much of a blessing you really were in my life.

And there bloomed our God-centered sibling-hood! Haha I never thought we’d come to this, but you became one of the best shoulders I can cry on. Even when you’re still always teasing me, I know that you’re always there looking out for me. You are that one person God gave me so that I can endure the heaviest problems, the most confusing dilemmas I ever had in my life. I don’t know what would’ve happened to me if you weren’t always there. And you have always been that one Kuya that always tried to make things lighter by making jokes to make me laugh and take off all the weight of all my worries. I appreciate the effort you poured into making our family closer by organizing trips and never giving up on us even with our tight schedules and sometimes our apathy. But you know what I appreciate the most? It’s how you support me in the things I do for God, especially in blogging! You’ve always encouraged me to give it my best and always reminded me how I can be a blessing to others just by writing how I witness Him in my life. Isn’t it weird that now you are the subject of the blog you created with love? Haha!

Here’s what.

When I started seeing you rekindle your relationship with God, it’s one of the most joyful moments in my life! You might have missed it before, but I was about to give up on my relationship with God when I saw you take a step forward and just seek God in every decision. And it really did wake me up and realize that it’s a lot better to be in God’s team!

You are there in Qatar, I am here, looking at our pictures for my birthday greeting and having a hard time keeping my tears. Yes, you’ve guessed it right. Hagulgol na naman ako, alam mo naman kung gano ko kaiyakin di ba? But I’m very happy seeing how God has been faithful in your life! You experienced a lot miracles in your life, you’ve seen how God orchestrated a lot of good moments in your life, and I am more than blessed to see it. Even though the distance makes me sad and makes me long for your company and Ate Ann, I am so happy for you. As long as I know that God’s with you and that He has great plans for your life and He’s just starting to make it real in your lives.

Our story is a true story of how God cannot just make relationships better, but if you both surrender yourselves to God, He unfolds His great purpose why He made your lives intertwine in first place.
And in our case, I’m seeing why He made you my brother. It’s so we can help each other grow closer to Him.
I love you Kuya! Happy birthday!

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