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Why I chose to wait…

In Relationships, Testimony
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The Lord God said, β€œIt is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.”
– Genesis 2:18

When I met God in 2008, he opened my eyes to a whole new perspective about love. He showed me a kind of love that is a stark contrast to what this world brought me to believe about it. Since the day I opened my heart to Jesus, I found myself sinking deeper and deeper in His love.

Also sinking deeper in Him, I met you. (I was not asking God for romance, besides that prayer to someday be a Pastor’s wife. Hahahahaha)
But then, the little fire I saw in you got me. It was not the kind that we see everyday. It was a little fire of passion for God, potentially explosive. 6 years ago, I knew in my heart that you will be the guy are today (and more), if you would only let God’s fire burn every selfishness, pride, every ounce of “Jopel”. I was attracted to that little fire and was overwhelmed by amazement that there is no lack for real men who are willing to go all out for God.

But little moments led to another, until we found ourselves consumed by emotions. We had decisions that may not be the wisest ones. But ALL THE GLORY BE TO GOD who lifted us from that nightmare and showed us what LOVE truly means! He pulled us apart so we can individually encounter Him and be fully, completely satisfied in Him ALONE. For the greater part of those 6 years, we individually groaned with pain as we allowed God to discipline us individually and cleanse us. We came before Him in selfless surrender until it really, really hurts! Some may have thought that we are absurd for “wasting” 6 years, as we walked our journeys resisting to reach out each other’s hand, as we both knew that God was answering our prayers with a resounding “WAIT”.

But now that this time has come, I can safely say, those 6 years of waiting was NOT a waste.
In those 6 years, God cleansed my heart and rid me of everything that may have otherwise ruined any relationship I would have gotten into.
In those 6 years, God Fathered you to become the MAN you are right now, a MAN who desires intimacy with God more than anything, a MAN of faith in what God can do in His infinite power, a MAN whose tears easily wells up at the things that break God’s heart as well, a MAN whose selflessness allows himself to reach out to others even at the expense of His own comfort (and sometimes it may even mean giving up your “needs”), a MAN of honor. That little fire in 2010 is little NO MORE! And God’s not even finished with you yet.

I thank my Lord for you, for He has blessed me with someone like you who has been leading others (and has committed to lead me as well) to Christ and not to yourself. I thank Him for letting me meet someone who has the same mission as me! Now I have peace that I have a partner who understands that this relationship is NEVER about us, but is ALWAYS about God and the mission He has given us! ^_^
Jopel, I just want you to know that it is my WORSHIP to my Lord and my JOY to serve someone like you, a MAN of God. <3

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