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Have faith, O my soul

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It is not uncommon for moments where our faith is challenged.

Just when you thought your faith has grown, and your confidence stands firm in Him, Jesus sends you to a strange place just to strengthen it more.

No, the strengthening of faith does not come easy. It pushes you to your own limit, so you would learn how to look on God and fix your eyes on Him. God trims the imperfections of your faith, which may also mean that you have to surrender all that you have ever known, all that you have ever held dear to your heart, all of you.

That is the reason why it is also not uncommon for God’s servants to be downcast, to be disturbed, when our faith is challenged. But do not dwell on the negativity. Look up. As we put our hope in God, may our praises to Him supersede all the fears and doubts that may cripple us.

And be prepared to receive a deeper faith from its very Author and Perfecter, Jesus.

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