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The Power of Guilt and Shame

In Reflections
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Guilt and Shame.

Do you know how much those two words can hold someone back?

They whisper to your ear every disgusting thing you have ever done, until you believe that it’s all you will ever be. They make you believe that you will never be a good person, and that you will never be fit to be adopted by the Almighty as His son or daughter.

Maybe that is why the world has denied the existence of God over and over and over again. He just seems too good to be true.

Freedom from these two words seem impossible, in a world that has accused you of being a crooked mess since day 1. Who would ever die for your sake? Who would ever bother to sacrifice, so that you would be able to be truly living? Looking at yourself, and thinking about the countless terrible things the human hands can do, you merely accept brokenness and live by it. With a little effort, you strive only to be better than most of the people around you. You do not think you deserve what the Bible says you have in Christ – the beauty of God’s promises.

Wake up, you do not have to deserve it. Jesus already conquered sin, along with its side effect of guilt and shame, so that you may be eligible for the beautiful promises of God. Yep, He is too good and it is true.

Because of His grace, you no longer have to wallow in the darkness or to accept who this world says you should be. No longer do you have to be stuck in your brokenness, or to be internally tortured by all your guilt and shame.

The Cross makes forgiveness and healing yours. You can stand in His freedom, bearing the confidence of being His child, defying all the limitations this world has set on you. You can live and BE who God created you to become!

All you got to do is surrender everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles.

Put them all in God’s hands, and seize the day without the fear of never being able to fulfill your purpose in this world. 

All in the knowledge that the power of the Cross renders guilt and shame powerless in your life!

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