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7 Tips on How to be Purposeful with Your Hobbies

In Ministry, Reflections
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We spent our whole Saturday counting flying motorbikes and rocking the place as bands battle their way to the finals on May 13.

But we did not labor for these just to make ourselves feel good, or to promote our sponsors. Yes, these are two things that came along the way, but these were just means to an end. Motocross and bands are the organizers’ interests, but they were utilized for a purpose MUCH BIGGER than the interests themselves.

So, how do you turn your hobbies into something more purposeful?

1. Identify what is in your hands 

Do you play the piano, and actually like it? Do you like capturing moments with your camera? Do you read and cannot seem to stop, page after page? 

Look back and identify the things that you enjoy doing, and may actually be good at.
For these guys, it was motocross..

..and making music.

This is Firefalldown whose vocalist initiated this Battle of the Bands for a purpose. Visit their page at FireFallDown.net! 🙂

2. Acknowledge the One who has given you that desire

I am honored to serve a God who is creative (ahem, look at His breath-taking creations!). He is not a monotonous guy who only likes one thing; He has placed these interests in our lives as an expression of His beauty.

3. Seek His purpose for you

He placed those in you for a bigger purpose than to just for you to enjoy yourself. Have you ever thought that He’s going to use your skills in writing, in playing basketball, or in making good jokes? If you haven’t thought about that yet, well, prepare to be amazed. He hasn’t put that desire in your heart for nothing. You like what you like doing probably because God is hinting that He’s gonna use that for His greater plans!

4. Pursue excellence in your field

While waiting for the specific ways for you to use your hobby to influence others, pour your whole heart onto it as if doing it for the Lord! 

I remember Kuya Sam Tamayo’s testimony last weekend at a Youth Revival. He was 26 years old, and when God led him to pursue music, he learned how to play the guitar and went beyond the box and enrolled in guitar classes. True enough, God used it for His glory. Kuya Sam and his band NaCls were able to write the song See You Tomorrow which ministers to a lot of people until today! It won their band the first place at a National Battle of the Bands, and they represented the Philippines at an Asian band competition in Taiwan.

Pursue excellence, because you don’t know where God may take that!

5. Build relationships with other people with the same interest!

They may just be the people God wants you to have an impact on! Your common denominator is an easy barrier-breaker. Especially today, people are more guarded than ever (thank you, cruel world).

Having the same interests builds an instant connection – an entry point for you to share Jesus! OH YEAHHHH!!


6. Be sensitive to opportunities 

When God sees your desire to use your passion for His purpose, He goes ahead of you! He orchestrates how you may use your passions in God-sized opportunities. And when you’re ready, He opens the door. And you should be ready to go forth and step out of your comfort zone!


With every step, the most important anchor is prayer. It can all become so overwhelming, but holding onto God’s guidance will never go wrong.


I am blessed to be a witness of the many instances God has used mere hobbies of people to change lives.

My good friend Kenneth got to know Jesus because of our kuyas’ efforts to reach out to bands.


Our youth pastor, Jordan Escusa, holds regular Bible studies with basketball players.


My sister Danielle Denise Celones was able to share a 5-minute piece in Makati, because of her art.

Follow her on Instagram, at @danielleden!

Another sister, Dek Carrillo, launched Hopencourage last year, which ministers to a lot of people.

Follow Hopencourage on Instagram and Facebook!

And they are not the only ones with hobbies that can be used for God!

God is with you and your passions as well. 🙂

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